I truly love the trumpet, in all its many forms.  From the very beginning, this instrument gave a small scared kid with a speech impediment, who was afraid to talk, a voice.  And it quickly grew to be one of the strongest voices in the band room.  I have been blessed that this voice has allowed me to travel all over the country and the world.  I have had the honor to share the stage and my voice with amazing artists such as Thomas Gansch and Hans Gansch, Jens Lindemann, and James Morrison.  I have been on stages in front of thousands of people all the way down to intimate settings of just a few close friends (I’ll let you figure out which was more terrifying).

The feeling of connectedness I get when playing my instruments is unique to anything else in my world.  It is the one place where I feel truly free to speak my mind through my music.  I love to talk in any musical language, from classical to jazz, baroque to modern, it’s all a conversation worth having.  And make no mistake, if you play with me or come to one of my performances, we are having a conversation and I hope you find as much magic in the dialogue as I do.


I've always found website audio and video to be misleading if an artist is unwilling to post live, unedited performances.  Striving for perfection is both admirable and necessary as a performer but there is a beautiful realism in the errors that inevitably creep into live performance.  They show the humanity of an artist and, I believe, foster a greater connection with the audience.  Below you will find both live performances and audio/video recordings crafted specifically for professional content. 


I truly hope you enjoy both!

Live Performances:

Performing at Calvary Church of the Brethren 11/18/18

Crafted Audio/Video:

Coming Soon

Trumpeter's Lullaby

Howard Middle School Winter Concert