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My goal as an educator is to instill the desire to learn through my interactions with students. Every lecture or applied lesson has a teachable moment and my greatest satisfaction comes when everything ‘clicks’ for a student and suddenly there is a moment of clarity.  By teaching ‘to’ and not ‘at’ my students, I can interact with them on a personal level.  This relationship allows me to find the most effective way to captivate their minds and build their desire for success. While teaching computers and technology at a private school I developed a curriculum for students ranging from kindergarten to 8th grade.  Creating engaging lesson plans for such a wide range of students required me to develop pedagogical tools that transfer seamlessly to private, applied, and classroom instruction.

Fostering diversity is crucial in providing students with a well-rounded education and opportunities for personal development.  Through my travels I have learned that you never know what someone’s history is and how someone else’s life experiences might enrich your own. When we are open to the differences of others, our lives become more vibrant.  This is especially true for our students. Every student brings something unique and important to the table and it is my job to facilitate an environment of inclusion and growth for all.

As someone with a speech impediment I have always felt ill equipped to teach, as if my stutter would come across as not knowing the material or being uncomfortable in my role.  I have worked hard to not let that stop me and even embrace it as a way to break the ice with my students.  I enjoy teaching students of all ages and abilities through private lessons, either in person or on Skype, as well as masterclasses and classroom instruction. 



Volusia Community Symphony - Rehearsal

Baroque to Modern - Full

Baroque to Modern - 15min

Birth of Dixieland - 15min

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